Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creative Engineering



Church in Norway

The Hands vintage sofa

A masterpiece made from wood, amazing bathtub design ..

Seaside Deck, Hawaii

I want this tree house !

Beds for three.

Dream Stove - this is amazing !

Double Back – VW’s Sliding Extension Camper Van !
Compact office

Mercedes-Benz BIOME concept car. Do you want this car

The Almighty Board is the ultimate kitchen assistant. This smart-board will simultaneously serve as your cutting board, display your recipes,
provide step-by-step directions and weigh your ingredients out for you. After you wash it, it will even tell you if it has been cleaned enough to
avoid cross-contamination or food poisoning. Wow!

Solar Street Light, Solar Street Lights, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India

Bowl of chocolate.- Is this the ultimate in baking craft????

What an idea ! Modern coffee/ teapot serving
Designed by a Turkish Design Studio Alter Tasarim. Product website :

Solar Powered Simple Transparent Touch Screen Pocket Calculator
For purchase and detail specifications please visit:

That’s cool ! Creativity at its best in Interior Decor---suggested for Peach and Liz.

16th Avenue tiled mosaic steps, San Fran-USA

Hanging Beds in a Forest Resort !

Creative library chair - All in One. Suggested for Ria. But Tom and Aubrey substitute the books with wine bottles please.
Sajen and Ivan achen may use this for meditation and preparation of your church sermons.
Even Liz and Peach it’s good to doze off when reading.

25 percent of Denmark is now powered exclusively by wind. What about energy starving Sri Lanka???

Tree top suspension bridges in Vancouver, BC Canada..Visitors move from tree to tree at a height of 30 meters. Have u seen this place Hari Asha???

Perfect ! An aesthetic creative garden pond

Beautiful! I have to see this one day! One of the most beautiful sights of London

Water flow : Lady bower Reservoir In Derbyshire, England

World’s Largest Solar Powered Ship.-U.K.






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